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A Letter From The Executive Director


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Dear Friends:

This month marks our 33rd year of serving abused children and their mothers. In looking back, so many years ago, my perspective has changed in many ways, just as the world has. In 1983, shelters were almost non- existent and family violence prevention programs were unavailable. Today, thanks to the pioneering spirit of those in the fields of social work and psychology, victims of child abuse and domestic violence now have access to different forms of shelter, protection, and support. Although, we have come a long way in knowing how to deal with abuse, we continue to have record numbers of child abuse reports every year. The OC Child Abuse Registry reports over 52,000 cases in 2015. With that, it is more important than ever to continue our work of protecting children and saving lives. We are ever grateful to you for your kindness and support because without you, The Eli Home would not exist.


This past year we were able to do some much needed repairs to our main shelter, and as you can see in these pictures, our credo of giving the best to those who need it the most, is evident in the beauty and warmth of our homes. Because of you, The Eli Home served 2,054 children and mothers in 2015. Only our hearts could ever tell you how much we appreciate your help. If time and circumstance allows, please contact me and I would love to give you a tour with a personal touch. May God bless you and yours and may He hold you safely in His arms.


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Lorri Galloway

Founder & Executive Director