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What is ESCRI?

ESCRI is a project of the Eli Home, a veteran organization that has worked to break the cycle of child abuse for over 37 years. The ESCRI community is a three square mile area surrounding Eli Home’s  store and corporate offices. It is a predominantly low income, densely populated, and high crime area, which can create stressors that may result in family violence. ESCRI addresses the problem of child abuse and family violence by looking at a community as a whole and searching for solutions that build a healthier environment in which children can prosper. ESCRI’s programs impact individual residents, families and the overall neighborhood.

ESCRI’s Goals:

  • To empower through financial education, job training, family counseling, referrals, social services, parenting education, after school tutoring, teen clubs, food distribution. health education service, and citizenship classes.
  • To collaborate with other interested stakeholders in non-profit, business, philanthropic and government.
  • To improve the quality of life in the East Street Community.

Our mission is to transform the East Street neighborhood via a holistic approach that promotes self-sufficiency, economic empowerment and a healthy and vibrant community. Our ability to be inclusive and accessible in the community is made possible by the support of organizations that share our mission.

NOTE:  In the COVID-19 environment, ESCRI has gone virtual.


Recent COVID-19 financial news reports show that the lower income population is more negatively affected than others. Many of the lower income people who file for unemployment are in the service industry. Tens of thousands of Anaheim service workers who have been laid off are employed in the resort area, hotels, restaurants, sports, entertainment, and convention center. There are thousands of Anaheim business owners and self-employed people— gardeners, landscapers, housekeepers, childcare workers, seamstresses, mechanics, hairdressers, or gig workers—whose businesses have been severely affected or closed.

Since 2009, ESCRI has built a strong connection to the families of the Anaheim East Street corridor. We are grateful for Wells Fargo Foundation’s generous support since ESCRI’s inception. We have instant information access to over 500 area families through our texting process. Families sign up to join Eli’s “Silver Club” which originally gave early notices about sales in Eli’s Everything and More Store, but has developed into an effective means of communication regarding community activities of interest. Whenever we have special family events, giveaways, Holiday parties, or community information, and now our Conquering COVID program, we can get the word out to our area residents instantly. It is sent in English and in Spanish.


Lifeline News – NOTICIAS VIDA
In response to the COVID-19 crisis, ESCRI sends updated bilingual notices of importance to Silver Club member families and ESCRI mailing lists, relating to up-to-date government policies, community resources, quarantine information, business closures and openings, health warnings, federal and local economic assistance, school district mandates and procedures, small business assistance, and unemployment assistance. Because of the ever-changing dynamics of the pandemic, information is disseminated as often as needed. Updated information pamphlets are also available in our discount store and offices.

Families across the country are adapting to the evolving changes in daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantine pressures exacerbate anxieties relating to financial trouble, family violence, childcare and home schooling. Licensed counseling by phone or virtual meeting is available for individuals experiencing increasing anxieties caused by the current crisis. Counselors help parents or children identify stressors causing anxieties or fears and develop coping skills and mechanisms. Available in English and Spanish, families can call our office to make arrangements to speak with a counselor.

Financial Counseling – ASESORIA FINANCIERA
The financial devastation that is happening to families across the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic hits the poor and low-income sector exceptionally hard. Keeping up with basic necessities such as rent and food is difficult even during the strong economic times that America experienced just prior to the crisis. Now more than ever, families like those who live in our ESCRI area, need help to survive, navigate, and conquer these unprecedented economic hardships. Staff provides bilingual individual (by appointment, with appropriate PPE if in person) and virtual group financial counseling that includes:

• Creating and strengthening banking relationships
• How to access COVID-19 government economic assistance
• Understanding and accessing SBA assistance
• How to negotiate rent payments with landlords
• How to negotiate utility payments with utility companies
• How to access health insurance coverage
• How to change small business models in product or service delivery
• How to access free food and PPE
• Information on which businesses are hiring

This component, previously titled “Financial Literacy”, has been presented in person by volunteer professional bankers, and we look forward to resuming that opportunity after returning to “normal.”

Applications Assistance – ASISTENCIA DE APLICACIONES
Families often need assistance in completing job applications, unemployment filing, applying for Cal-Fresh, qualifying for COVID-19 governmental financial help, childcare, school forms or healthcare applications. Many of the families we serve do not have access to a computer or internet. Advertised via Silver Club, pamphlets in Eli’s store, and word of mouth, participants can sign up for this program by phone and/or email to staff. Staff holds interactive weekly classes via Zoom and/or FaceTime to cover the most common questions on applications. All classes are taught in both English and Spanish. Individual appointments are made to assist participants in completing applications. As restrictions are relaxed, individuals can use ESCRI computers and printers, by appointment with staff, who, while maintaining social distancing and PPE for participants and staff, can assist in person in ESCRI’s community room. Staff monitors the applications being made and emphasizes the need to follow up to the extent possible. Helping families through the process until timely submission guides them through the goal of surviving and thriving during the COVID-19 crisis.

Homework Club – CLUB DE TAREA

Prior to COVID, ESCRI had twice weekly afterschool sessions of “Homework Club.” A dedicated group of 40 elementary school aged children, along with some parents, from the East Street area eagerly waited for Homework Club to begin. Not only did they receive help with their homework assignments, when they completed their assignments, they were able to do a fun craft. Our partner “Katerina’s Kitchen” provided a hot platter of pasta dishes for the children and their parents.  With COVID, as much of this beloved program as possible has gone “online.” Children who have access to zoom on their phones and/or school computers tune in to do projects that can be completed with common supplies found in their kitchens. More specialized materials for projects are packaged and able to be picked up from the Eli Home’s Everything & More Store, which remains open. Attention is placed on how to find new and “fun” ways to deal with the COVID-19 crisis such as how children can help with saving electricity by making sure lights and appliances are only on when necessary and helping parents with cleaning chores by learning and singing a new song while cleaning. Individual homework assistance is available by phone appointments and/or FaceTime and/or Zoom. In lieu of Katerina’s pasta, The Eli Home gives food to area families in need.

Karla Benitez

Karla Benitez

Director, East Street Community Renewal Initiative (ESCRI)

714-300-0600 ext 238
Office Hours 9:00am-3pm


Financial education/access to basic financial services, job training, computer education, ESL classes, citizenship education, life skills, homework assistance/tutoring, self-esteem building classes. 


Family counseling/therapy, case management, parent education, health resources, and agency referrals. Undertaking the journey of reaching self-sufficiency as a family.


Looking at the community as a whole but addressing leadership, neighborhood revitalization, town hall meetings, youth mentoring and gang/crime prevention, and volunteer opportunities.

ESCRI Programs

One Hundred Chances is an intern/mentorship program designed to give at-risk youth a chance to succeed through employment opportunities. The East Street Community Renewal Initiative (ESCRI) manages the program in collaboration with local business.


The Eli Home is offering free counseling services to the community. Are You…

  • Feeling sad, stressed, or troubled?
  • Having problems coping with daily life stressors?
  • Having family or relationship problems?
  • Struggling at work or in school?

Our services can help!
Services Offered for Adults and Children:

  • Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Family Counseling

Program Requirements: English & Spanish/Español Available/Disponible. Cancelation/No Show Policy.

Flexible Scheduling, evening Appointments Available.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language Sessions.

As a free service to our community, The ESCRI center is proud to present free English courses!

This course includes:

  • interactive exercises
  • mock conversational situations
  • multimedia resources
  • computer technology
  • and excursions.

Levels range from beginner to intermediate English lessons.

This class is perfect for anyone interested in learning English, regardless of your competency or fluency.

Space and resources are limited.

Register now by calling (714) 300-0600.

Financial Literacy

In partnership with Wells Fargo Orange County, ESCRI presents free financial literacy workshops for the community.

Learn about the tools and techniques to help you reduce debt, make smart money decisions and how to protect yourself from I.D. theft.

The workshops also includes:

  • tips on how to build long lasting relationships with Wells Fargo Bankers
  • introductions to the services they provide
  • introductions to the local branch employees.

Sign up for Financial Literacy today to learn how to grow your savings and make better spending decisions.


Parent 2 Parent: A ten session parenting series.

Network with other parents in your community to strengthen your relationship with your child. Find positive approaches to parenting and build on existing parenting skills.

The program is designed to:

  • network with other parents in the community
  • strengthen you relationship with your child
  • find positive approaches to parenting
  • build on existing parenting skills
  • and communicate effectively with your child.

Open to all parents or caregivers with children 0-12 years old.


Homework Club

ESCRI is proud to present a free Homework Club program for elementary through middle school students.

Need help with daily homework or need a quiet and safe place to get your work done?

Tutoring is available:

  • in groups
  • one-on-one

Volunteers will be available to help with a wide range of subjects in an open classroom setting.

Tutoring will help you to grasp difficult subjects and increase your academic confidence.

Earn free prizes and weekly drawings for continued attendance!

Space is limited and continued attendance is required for drawings/prizes.

Sign up today by calling us at (714) 300-0600.

100 Chances (Previously known as the Job Training Initiative)

A one-on-one Job Training service.

Training includes:

  • enhancement of job skill
  • interviewing confidence
  • resume preparation
  • and employment networking.

Are you in need of a job that pays well? We can help you!

You must be at least 17 years of age.

The class is taught in English only so we also require that you can speak, read and write FLUENT English.

The class offers job seekers:


  • Career Guidance
  • Collaboration Referrals
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Job Application Workshops
  • Mock Interview Training
  • Complete Resume Creation Assistance
  • Employment Leads
  • Building Interview Confidence

Our mentors have included City of Anaheim, Bill Taormina with Clean City Inc, Bill Dalati with Farmers Insurance, KDOC TV, Ganahl Lumber, Mariposa Bridal, Ruby’s Diner, Dalati Insurance, The Eli Home, Duke’s Bicycles, and more!