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Eli Live! Donations-Donate Here!


$250-Gives One Child Food & Essentials for One Month.
$1,500-Gives One Child Food & Essentials for Six Months.
$3,000-Gives One Child Food & Essentials for One Year.

“Other”-all gifts support our families as they move toward independent violence-free lives.  Thank you!



Be a Monthly Pledger

Make a monthly pledge to keep the shelter open and secure for Eli children and mothers.
Please email us at elihome@elihome.org, or call us at 714.300.0600.

In-kind Donations

In-kind donations are non-monetary gifts or things given. You can help The Eli Home reduce expenses by donating items that would normally be purchased.  Here are some examples:

  •    Non-perishable food items
  •    Professional services
  •    Office supplies—postage stamps
  •    Holiday gifts for Eli families
  •    Welcome baskets for new families
  •    Gift certificates
  •    New or gently used clothing, furniture and household items

 For the most part we accept clothing and furniture donations at our retail location. Please drop off any clothes donations between the hours of 9:30 and 3:00pm. Furniture drop-off or pick-ups by appointment only. Please call our donations coordinator Mike at (714) 300-0600  to arrange furniture donation pickups only.