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Internships & Field Placement Opportunities

If you need to fulfill an internship or field placement requirement, we offer opportunities to complete within our Transitional Shelter Program, E.S.C.R.I. Community Program, and Administrative offices. 


Group and individual counseling sessions, Case Management and Life Skills Training are available under supervision of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

Field Placement

Opportunities include facilitation of children’s programming and interaction with the mothers and children.


Opportunities include fundraising, event planning, social media campaigns, donor management, and grant writing.

E.S.C.R.I. Community Outreach

Opportunities include kids programming, community events, adult parenting classes, clerical/administrative duties, agency to agency networking events, marketing, and program facilitation.

“The Eli Home provides gentle exposure to the clinical field, all while teaching invaluable experiences. I learned a tremendous amount about myself, my style, and my abilities as a therapist.”

Jzeela Gheisar


“The Eli Home was my first  year of internship, I was nervous about stepping into a new role as a therapist, and concerned about my skill set. This was quickly put at ease through great clinical supervision and the supportive environment provided by the staff and the structure of the program. Thank you for the positive  introduction into the field of social services.”

Susan Emerson


“My internship experience at the Eli Home exposed me to many different aspects of social work. I had opportunities to provide case management; individual (adults and children), family, and group therapy; and even teach classes. The staff were supportive and taught me so much. The experience was extremely valuable to my development as a social worker”


CSUF Student

Kim Tulleners

Program Director

Contact for Graduate Field Placement kimt@elihome.org
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Please complete and email the following application with a Resume.
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Karla Benitez

Director, East Street Community Renewal Initiative (ESCRI)

714-300-0600 ext 238

Please complete and email the following application with a Resume.
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