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Volunteer services play a vital role in allowing Eli to help families. Opportunities are available within the Shelter Program, ESCRI community outreach program, Administration and the Eli Thrift Store.

Shelter Program

Home Maintenance:
    Handyman, painting, carpentry, window cleaning, yard work.

Party Planning:
   Holiday Parties, Birthday Celebrations, Family Awards Celebrations

Help supervise children during mom’s classes


Clerical Help (minimum 4 hrs/wk)
Filing, data entry, phone calls, printing

Serve on Event Committee, solicit donations, grant writing.
Visit our Events page for a list of upcoming events.



Store - Eli Everything and More

Help at Eli Store
Sorting merchandise, general cleaning, pick up donations.  

If you would like to volunteer with The Eli Home please complete  the 2019 Volunteer Application  and email it to EliHome@EliHome.org, OR call us at 714-300-0600.