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Interim Housing

Providing shelter, clothing, love and security to victims of child abuse and neglect.

30+ Years

Our shelter program has helped over 40,000 since its inception in 1983.

Breaking the Cycle

Our vision is to break the cycle of child abuse and family violence.

Working with Families

We work with families to to transition into independent housing and violence-free lives.

Our Mission

To welcome, shelter, comfort, heal, encourage and strengthen victims of child abuse and family violence, and prepare them to reenter the community to lead stable, non-violent lives, free from fear and intimidation – To Break the Cycle of Child Abuse.

The Eli Home Interim Shelter Program works to stop the cycle of child abuse and neglect by educating families on appropriate parenting techniques, increasing self-esteem, and introducing life skills that ensure the families’ move into a violent-free home.

“I was desperate and feared for my life. I called so many shelters, but they were all full. Thank God, that The Eli Home took me and my baby. Since then, Ive never looked back. I look ahead to new hopes, new dreams, and new life.” 


Former Resident

Interim Housing for abused children and their mothers. Program includes:

  • 24 hour shelter with staff
  • Love and Logic for effective parenting
  • Social skills, self-esteem, boundaries, respect for others
  • Healthy child-parent interaction skills
  • Understanding and dealing with feelings; anger management
  • Vocational imaging (interviewing skills, job training)
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Extended services, e.g., year round and extra holiday assistance
  • Referral of families to needed services and resources
  • Assistance with obtaining permanent housing

HMIS Privacy Notice

Our shelter homes are located in wonderful neighborhoods and are beautifully appointed, furnished and decorated. Eli’s premise is to offer the best to those who need it the most.

To view our shelter program’s privacy notice, please click here:

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Success Stories

Sharing Tears
My name is Kim.  I am a house manager at the Eli Home.

It has been a stressful day, especially because of 12-year old Bryan.  He’s so angry.  He’s angry at his father for being an abusive alcoholic and angry at his mother for not protecting him as he feels a mother should.  Bryan’s anger turns into physical abuse towards his mother and towards other children.

I have been working with Bryan for several weeks now, trying to communicate with him and give him consequences to his behavior.  At times he seems to listen but today isn’t one of those days.  He has defied me for the fourth time today.

In exasperation I say, “Bryan, I just don’t know what else to do.  I have shared everything that I can share.  I love you and care about you.  What else can I do?  Bryan then stared at me blankly as if he didn’t hear a word.  Feeling defeated, I just sat down on the floor and began to cry.  Then the miracle began.  Bryan bent down and hugged me and began to cry with me.  He showed emotion he had never shown in his life and then opened his heart and told me that he was afraid.  As he shared his feelings, his healing began.”

Fear motivated Bryan’s every move.  Even when Kim thought that she had given everything she could give to this frightened little boy, she still had something else to give.  She gave her tears.  And those simple tears were the catalyst that set the healing train in motion.

Every day our Eli Home staff gives everything they know how to give so that children can find peace in their lives.


Eva’s Story
My name is Eva.  I’m here today at the Orange County Family Court to try and get a temporary restraining order because my husband of 15 years held me captive at knifepoint for over two days and threatened to kill me in front of my two children.

I’m here in the courtroom now with my case manager from the Eli Home because I can’t afford an attorney.  I’m so thankful that she is with me and that I am not alone because my husband just walked by me smirking and trying to intimidate me.

The judge is listening to my story.  Will the judge believe me?  Will he give me the protection that I need?  Will my children be safe?  Will this nightmare ever be over?

The judge granted Eva’s temporary restraining order.  Her husband served time in jail.  After graduating from the Eli Home programs, she became an active member of the Eli Home board of Directors for several years.  The National Institute of Justice estimates that 70% of children exposed to domestic violence are also victims of child abuse.

With your donation, families who come to the Eli Home never have to go to court alone.

Chandra’s Story
My name is Chaundra.  I’ve been at The Eli Home for the past year.

Nine months ago I started a program at the Culinary Arts Institute with the hopes of becoming a chef at a nice restaurant.  I want to be able to support myself and my 4 children without needing financial assistance from others.

It has not been a cakewalk to go to school full time, participate in all of the classes that the courts required me to do to get my children back from foster care, all while living at the Eli Home.

But today, my heart is full of joy because my children are back with me; I’ve finished all of my court requirements, and I just got the call from Rainforest Café that I got the job as a chef’s apprentice which is the first step in becoming a sous chef. “

The Eli Home provides financial assistance for mothers to have vocational training with the goal of having a career, not just a job.  Your support enables people like Chaundra to realize their dreams and to become financially independent.  Chaundra completed The Eli Home programs and she and her 4 children moved into their own apartment.

Chandra worked her way up to become the Sous Chef at Rainforest Café here in Orange County.