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Executive Staff

Meet our passionate staff that is responsible for executing on our mission every single day.

Lorri Galloway

Executive Director

“Children who stayed at the Eli Home during the early years are now grown with wonderful families of their own.  Looking into their faces makes it easy to understand, ‘Why Eli’.”

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Kim Tulleners

Program Director

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“Eli is where God is, in everything we do, from stocking the shelves in our store, writing grants, putting on events for our donors and families, answering a frantic call of a mother in need, going to court with our families so they know they are not alone, wiping the tears of a frightened child to helping a family move into their new home and watching the children grow up in a violent free home. That’s Why Eli!”

Rita Chastain

Case Manager

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John Raasch


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Karla Benitez

Director, East Street Community Renewal Program (ESCRI)

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